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Des Moines Is Unhappy?

A recent survey found that our beloved Des Moines....is the nation's unhappiest city for workers. Not just the most unhappy in the Midwest...or on this side of the Missippi...in the entire country. Wow. 

The survey took in a wide array of factors to determine "unhappiness"...but "work environment" was one we focused in on.

Take a look at your environment at your job....is it safe? Do you feel like proper safety measures have been taken to ensure your well-being? Is your boss doing everything they can to eliminate risk at the job site?

You might answer yes to the first question...but what about the second and third?

Far too often, we hear about employers who continually fail to ensure their workers' safety. They do the bare minimum, and then just hope against hope that the worst never should occur.

Sometimes, their gamble pays off...but that's exactly what it is...a gamble.

Do you want somebody gambling with your health? Your well-being? Wouldn't you want someone who is doing everything in their power to make sure the worst should never happen?

We at Loney & Schueller are sick and tired of hearing about these employers who continually skirt around installing proper safety measures. We're tired of hearing of the employers who ghost employees after a work-related accident. 

Eric, Randy, and Sarah are dedicated to fighting for your rights. We're committed to ensuring you receive your full & rightful compensation.

If you've been injured at the workplace, on the job, or doing a job-related task...call us...515-225-4485. We're ready to sit down and meet with you, go over your claim, and then relentlessly pursue your full compensation!

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