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Unexpected Animal Encounters at the Workplace

When a store assistant went to work one morning, she had every notion that workday was going to be just like any other...but it was far from it.

Upon entering her workplace...a bird swooped down and struck her in the eye.

The injury was severe enough that not only was medical attention needed, but she ended up having to go undergo surgery...and was unable to make it back to work for several weeks. During that time...she lost out on wages and also had to incur high medical costs for her surgery & rehabilitation.

She won her claim...receiving her wages that she would have earned, plus all her medical costs were paid for as well. Her employer tried to argue that since she was not technically "working", but only in the workplace, that he shouldn't be held liable for the accident.

The courts...rightfully....saw otherwise. 

Too many employers will try and argue any ridiculous excuse to deny responsibility. We've heard them all....we've laughed at many of them...and we continue to fight against negligent employers.

If you've been injured while on the job...no matter if it's an injury due to faulty equipment, a work mishap, or even in instances like this...be sure to be aware that you have rights. 

Those rights are what Eric, Randy, and Sarah continually fight for. We strive to make sure you are well-represented, and that you receive your full, and rightful, compensation. 

If you're injured at work...don't wait and expect your employer to work on your behalf...they won't. 

We will.

Call us at 515-225-4485. 

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