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The Employer Failed His Employees

Sometimes...it's not faulty equipment...it's not a "freak" accident...it's not an accidental fall...sometimes, a work-related injury is directly caused due to the actions/inactions of the employer.  

Just recently, a construction worker was working on an electrical box, when all of a sudden, a large arc flash occurred, causing major injury to the employee. How did this accident happen? Could it have been prevented?

In this instance, the employer failed on many counts. The employer was found to be liable for allowing an employee into an area where power was still on in the box, for having tools that were conductive near the electrical box, and the box should have been properly tagged before any work was to be conducted. 

In this case, the employer absolutely had a direct impact on what would happen next. His failure on many levels put this employee had an unnecessary risk...and the unfortunate did occur.

Due to the lack of safety measures, accidents will happen more and more frequently, leading to workers being injured while on the job.

Do you think the negligent employer will care whether you receive your full compensation? If you already know they don't care about your safety when you're able-bodied, why would they think twice about you now that you're injured?

We at Loney & Schueller are dedicated to fighting for the injured worker. You have rights...rights that need to be exercised. You are owed full-compensation for the injuries you experience at the workplace, and Eric, Randy, and Sarah are ready to fight for you.

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