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Being Vigilant is How We'll Get Negligent Employers to Change

For years and years, those of us committed to fighting for the rights of workers have asked the question "How do we get these negligent employers to finally get their act together?"

Unfortunately, there is no quick, simple answer...but we can remain vigilant in our fight to ensure everything is being done in our power to help create safer working environments.

Recently in Illinois, a pallet maker was found to have failed to install inadequate machine guards, important energy control procedures, and they even failed to train their employees about noise hazards.

Even more troubling? These weren't one-time offenses.

Employers continue to forego the safety of their employees simply because they think they can get away with it. A slap on the wrist here...a little slap there...they don't care until the "big" accident occurs, at which point, they scurry away from any sense of responsibility.

We won't let that happen. Eric, Randy, and Sarah have dedicated themselves to fighting for you and your rights. We will remain constant in our approach that you deserve your full and rightful compensation.

We might not be able to make a sweeping change overnight, but maybe over the course of time, things can change, and we won't have to deal with negligent employers. 

Until then...we're on your side...and you can count on us to make sure you end up receiving full compensation for your work-related injuries.

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