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Just Because It Was Unforeseen Doesn't Mean You're Rights Are Voided

In a story out of New York...an employee of a nail salon suffered injuries after the sidewalk outside her workplace collapsed beneath her. She was preparing to open up the nail salon when the unexpected happened.

So, what happens here?

This employee was opening the nail salon...which is a job-related duty...or at the very least, this was part of her typical workday. While the employer probably had no idea that the sidewalk might be unstable, they are still liable for their employee's safety. 

It's the same as if you were walking from the office parking lot to your office...and it was icy, and you slipped and fell on the ice while on job site "property". 

Yes...it was a freak (very freak) accident, but the injured employee is still rightfully entitled to full compensation!

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