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What Happens When You're Injured by a Fellow Co-Worker?

Any time employees are working around moving vehicles, there is the threat that an accident could occur. 

An example of this is as follows...

From timesunion.com 

A state department of transportation worker was struck by a fellow employee driving a small front-end loader Monday morning on the Northway, State police said.

The worker suffered non-life threatening injuries, but State Police spokesman Trooper Mark Cepiel said that he likely was taken to the hospital.

The incident occurred on the southbound lane between exits 15 and 16 in a construction zone. For a short time, some lanes were closed, Cepiel said.

Cepiel said he did not know what kind of repair work was being done.

"A lot of what they are doing now is repairing guard rails and things before the winter," he said.

There was definitely negligence on someone's part that resulted in this worker being injured.

Perhaps the driver of the front-loader was being absent-minded and didn't notice his fellow employee, and it was just a simple accident. Even though it was the driver's fault, unless it was an intentional act to injure the other employee, the company is still liable for the worker's injury. 

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