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Nobody...NOBODY...Could Have Seen This Accident Happen

Many injuries at the workplace are due to an employer's negligence, but some are just absolutely "freak" in nature. Either way, a worker's rights need to be exercised, and proper compensation should be pursued.

(from ABC11.com)

A construction worker is in critical condition after he was injured while using a portable toilet at work. 

Officers said the man was inside of the portable toilet when a large metal beam fell off of a building from five stories up and hit the portable bathroom, crushing it.

"We called 911 with some other guys. We tried to figure out what was going on," said Luis Carmona, who was arriving to pour concrete at a nearby construction site when the incident happened.

The construction worker has been taken to the hospital; his identity has yet to be released.

Carmona said he has seen accidents before but this one left him "shocked." 

Shocked is an understatement...and we wish the injured employee a speedy recovery!

Even if the accident is considered "freak", that doesn't mean that your rights as a worker are taken away. Every injury suffered at the workplace should be investigated and examined.

Too many times we hear from clients who were unaware of their rights. If you've been injured while on the job, call us 515-225-4485 or visit us at Loneylaw.com. Eric, Randy, and Sarah will sit down with you and go over your claim and find the best course of action to ensure you get the compensation you rightfully deserve!

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