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November 2017 Archives

Injured While Putting Up the Lights?

We're beginning the holiday season, and with the holidays comes many businesses getting in the holiday spirit by putting up festive holiday lights & decorations. With those increased worker responsibilities, comes increased risks.

How a minor fender bender can change your life

When you drive the streets in the West Des Moines area each day, one of the last things on your mind is getting in a car accident. You have your entire day planned out, and your plans do not include someone hitting your vehicle. Do not assume that because you are insured, you can handle the aftermath of a car collision with little to no out-of-pocket expenses or frustrations. The reality is, car accidents usually cause some type of harm to victims and their vehicles. 

A Deadly Year for Iowa Road Construction Workers

The Des Moines Register had an article (linked here) reviewing the past year of road construction in Iowa, and unfortunately, there were 3 fatal accidents involving road construction workers.

Proper Safety Measures MUST Be Taken When Working With/Near Electricity

Electrical accidents are the cause of 5-10% of traumatic work deaths, ranking fourth behind falls and punctures for workplace-related mortalities. 

Nobody...NOBODY...Could Have Seen This Accident Happen

Many injuries at the workplace are due to an employer's negligence, but some are just absolutely "freak" in nature. Either way, a worker's rights need to be exercised, and proper compensation should be pursued.

The Biggest Mistake an Injure Employee Can Make Is...

The biggest mistake employees make after suffering an injury at the workplace is...nothing...they do nothing. It's unfortunate...but due to intimidation by the employer or a fear of losing one's job, many workplace injuries go unreported.

Ladders Can Pose a Serious Risk at the Workplace

You don't need us to remind you that working on/near ladders can pose a serious risk at the workplace. Accidents involving ladders can cause long-lasting injuries that many workers never fully recover from.

A Head Injury Can Be Much More Serious Than One Initially Thinks

If you hurt your head just while playing with your kids...you wouldn't let that pain and the effects to linger...so why would you suffer through the pain do an injury occurring at work.

Injured Due to Falling Work Supplies?

If you're injured while on the job...or doing a job-related activity, it's important to remember that you have rights. It's our priority to make sure you know your rights....and that you are compensated correctly. You've worked too hard not get what you have rightfully earned. 


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