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How Working in a Haunted House Can Be Even Scarier Than Going Through it

We were talking with a friend of ours, and he was telling us about when he was back in college, he would work at a haunted house. He played a maniacal butcher who would jump out from behind a chopping block, and then reappear behind a black curtain to scare haunted house-goers.

He told us that 99% of the time, it was a good, fun time...but then he told us about how many times the scared patron would react with either a punch to the nose, or in one instance, a bite on the shoulder. 

He said that the punch was no big deal...but that he did have some concerns about the bite ("Who knows where that guy's mouth was?"), so he went to the doctor to get it checked. 

Luckily, nothing turned up as serious or noteworthy, so everything turned out fine, but he went on to tell us that he wasn't the only one to suffer an injury that Halloween. One performer had been hit so hard that he suffered a fractured cheekbone, and one performer was pushed over and when he fell he hurt his back.

Both of those injuries kept those performers from working for the next few nights. We asked if they ever filed a claim or anything, and he said that they never even had considered it at the time.

ANYTIME you're injured at matter the job, the should report the injury and then talk to Eric, Randy, and Sarah. Any injury can linger, and be much more significant than one initially thinks. 

Let us fight for you and ensure you get your full & rightful compensation. 

We will go over your rights with you, and together, we will find the proper course of action to take...and then fight vigorously for your rights. We aren't concerned with your employer being upset with us...we don't represent them in any fashion...we represent YOU.

Call Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485. 

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