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Employee Seriously Injured After Being Stuck in Machinery

No matter how long you, as an employee, have been working with a certain type of machinery, it is imperative to work with the utmost caution. In turn, employers must take action to ensure their worker's safety by continually inspecting and maintaining the machines. Even with precautions being taken...accidents still occur. 

from Patch.com

A man is in stable condition after he was injured early Tuesday in an industrial accident at a Pearland factory.

Officials said the man was working in the warehouse, when he fell about 15 feet down a large machine and became trapped.

Rescuers initially had difficulty getting to the man because of the size of the machinery, but were able to lower a rope to the man and pull him out.

The injured worker was seriously injured in the accident.

If you have been injured while on the job, don't assume that your employer & insurance company is going to look out for your best interest. In the end, they might look to short-change you in order to save themselves from spending any more money.

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