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Everything Needs to Be Bigger...Faster

We know the kind of world we're living in....it's a world where we all want the newest thing...the biggest thing...the fastest thing.

If it takes longer than expected for a website to load, we instantly grow impatient...if the neighbor buys a new car...we want a new car...a better car.

The same is true with employers. 

They want their company to be the fastest...the biggest...the most productive. Unfortunately, their desire to achieve such goals usually come at the expense of their hard-working employees.

Cut a corner here...scale back safety measures in an effort to be more productive...speed up production...these are warning signs that the workplace is becoming more and more unsafe. 

Accidents happen at the workplace, and we find many of them could have been easily avoided had the employer simply maintained the proper safety measures. 

Yet, too many employers see safety measures as an unneeded, unnecessary cost. They just hope an accident does occur, and if one does, again, they hope you won't contact someone like us.

Eric, Randy, and Sarah have dedicated themselves to fighting for your rights and making sure you are properly represented. We have countless years of experience of dealing with negligent employers, and we're ready to put that experience in your corner.

If you've been injured while on the job...do two simple things. 

1- Report the injury

2 - Contact us.

Let us fight for your rights while you recover! 

Contact Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485!

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