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3 workplace hazards facing hotel housekeepers

If you work as a hotel room cleaner, you know that it is truly hard and often under-appreciated work. Along with the long hours and tedious tasks, you also face some unique risks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hospitality workers sustain injuries from falling, pushing carts, bending over and handling hazardous chemicals.

As someone who works in this industry, you should know about the causes of common injuries. Here are the most common hazards in the hospitality industry that cause injuries.

1. Manual labor

When you clean hotel rooms, you perform a lot of repetitive duties, such as:

  • Pushing carts
  • Making beds
  • Bending over
  • Carrying cartons

These actions may seem normal and even mundane, but these repetitive motions can cause musculoskeletal injuries. You can easily injure your back or get muscle tears doing this type of work over and over.

2. Slippery floors

One of the most common occupational hazards in the hotel environment is water or another slippery substance on the floor. This is especially common back-of-house, such as in the laundry room or kitchen. If you slip, trip or fall while on the job, you can sustain a variety of traumatic injuries, from broken bones to a brain injury.

3. Hazardous chemicals

Your main goal as a hotel housekeeper is to get everything clean. Bleaching agents and irritant aerosol sprays can result in respiratory complications. Laundry detergent and latex gloves can cause skin reactions. Even though you might be simply cleaning mirrors or cleaning bed sheets, be mindful of the inherent risks involved.

It is crucial for you to be aware of these unique hazards in your workplace. If you sustain any of these injuries, you might need to take time off of work to heal. You might be able to pursue a workers’ compensation claim to help you deal with medical costs and lost income.


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