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August 2017 Archives

Our Hearts & Prayers are With Texas

Every time we see a new tweet, or news report, coming from Texas, our jaw drops. The destruction, the tragedy, and the stories of heroism from first responders and neighbors who are doing their best to rescue as many as possible.

Roof Collapse Leaves Hard-Working Employee Injured

Roofers don't need us to remind them that their job is risky. Something about walking on a sloped surface tens of feet (even more) in the air never appealed to us, but we're always amazed and impressed with roofers who have made it their life's work. 

Injured While Traveling For Your Job?

A common question we get involves someone being injured while traveling for their job. Is it covered under workers' compensation? There are many situations & scenarios in which, yes, your injury would be covered by workers' compensation.

3 workplace hazards facing hotel housekeepers

If you work as a hotel room cleaner, you know that it is truly hard and often under-appreciated work. Along with the long hours and tedious tasks, you also face some unique risks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hospitality workers sustain injuries from falling, pushing carts, bending over and handling hazardous chemicals.