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The Summer Help Still Have Rights!

As we are in thick of summer, everywhere you look there's a teenager lifeguarding, pulling a shift at the mall, interning...etc. Summer is the time when many students get their first job...their first taste of employment.

Many of us can look back at our first job with either fond memories...or disastrous nightmares. Regardless of the outcome, none of us forget our first job.

Even if the summer job is just a temp job, it's still of utmost importance that the employer teaches and maintains property safety protocol for the job. Too many times, employers view some of these summer hires as cheap, easy hires, and just leave it to fellow employees to "show them the ropes".

An employee is an employee regardless of age...and workplace accidents do not discriminate on age. Accidents can happen to the most experienced employees to the most recently hired. 

It's not fair to just hope new employees just figure it out...it puts employees at an unnecessary risk for an accident. It's neglectful...and lazy, of the employer to continue to do such actions.

If this is your first job, never once think that since you are "new to the job" it disqualifies you from having rights. You have rights...rights that are in place to protect you in the case of a work-related injury.

Who will look out for you?

We will.

Call Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485 or visit us at Loneylaw.com. We care about the worker...and fight vigorously to make sure that proper compensation is awarded.

Employers & insurance companies don't like hearing from us...and we're fine with that...it's YOU that we care about.

Don't go through the process on your own...don't get frustrated....let us at Loney & Schueller help you!

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