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Golf Club Workers Injured Due to Improper Safety Measures

From news.ontario.ca 

Two ClubLink workers were operating a wood chipper at RattleSnake Point Golf Club Limited. 

he first worker started the chipper and began feeding wood while the second looked for a place to put down a coffee cup.

Placing the cup near a vent on the back of the chipper, the second worker tried to feel if air was coming out of the vent that would knock the cup over. The second worker's hand was pulled into the vent and injured.

A Ministry of Labour investigation determined that a guard that should have prevented access to the vent was not in place at the time of the incident.

Now you might think to yourself, well, maybe the worker shouldn't have put a coffee cup there. However, if it hadn't been a coffee cup, it could have been anything else. The point is that this open vent had a path to machinery that could cause severe injury. At any point, an employee could have had their hand caught in the machine. 

An employer must ensure that all safety measures are in place...and are followed. Workers have rights even with the "freak-est" of accidents occur. 

You have rights...rights that have been fought for to protect you in case of a work-related accident. We'll continue that fight....and fight for you...to ensure you receive your full and rightful compensation.

When you suffer an injury at work, your only concern should be on recovery. It shouldn't have to be a game with your employer of "will they pay? what will they pay? do they care?" That's too much stress that, frankly, you shouldn't have to put with. 

Let Eric, Randy, and Sarah get you your full and rightful compensation! If you've been injured while on the job, or doing work-related activity, call us at 515-225-4485. 

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