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Do These Back Injury Stories Sound Familiar to You?

If you've injured your back while on the job...or have experienced a backpain due to continuous amounts of stress put on it due to your job, we at Loney & Schueller are ready to help you get the workers' compensation you rightfully deserve.

Do any of these following testimonials sound familiar to you?

I had worked for Farner Bocken for 20 plus years and sustained a back injury whileworking. Because of the injury I was let go from my job. Eric fought with the insurance company to get my weekly compensation paid. Eric then filed suit, got the necessary opinion letters from the back doctor, vocational expert therapist through an FCE and got my case settled just prior to hearing. I recommend that others use his services for workers' compensation cases.

Scott of Centerville

I hurt my back lifting bags of salt for Culligan. The employer and insurance company did not treat me fairly denied my medical treatment and work comp benefits throughout the case. I hired attorney Randy Schueller and he took my case to trial and obtained a favorable result. Even after I was paid my award at trial, attorney Randy Schueller negotiated further with the insurance company and obtained a lump sum payment to close my case. I was very happy with the services attorney Randy Schueller provided me and would hire him for your workers compensation case.

Rory from Northeast Iowa

I was injured in a car accident when another driver pulled out in front of me. I hurt my low back, shoulder and hip. The person who hit me and his insurance company did not want to accept responsibility. Sarah filed a lawsuit and was able to convince the other side that I was not at fault and we reached a settlement. If you are in a car accident and the other party is not taking responsibility you should talk to Sarah.

Alex of Des Moines, Iowa

If you've experienced a back injury due to your job...regardless of whether that was due to one specific incident, or the injury occurred over a duration of time...Eric, Randy, and Sarah are ready to fight for your rights.

Call us at 515-225-4485 or visit us at Loneylaw.com. As your previous clients can attest to, we do not stop fighting until you get the compensation you rightfully deserve!

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