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A Fall From a Ladder Can Have a Long-Lasting Impact

Even when employers follow every safety measure (and those few that do should be applauded for their efforts), accidents at the workplace can still happen. 

(from sj-r.com) 

A worker was airlifted to the hospital to be treated for serious injuries after a fall from a ladder at the construction site of Jacksonville's new water treatment plant Tuesday morning.

According to a release from the city of Jacksonville, the worker fell approximately 20 feet. His name was not released, but the city identified him as a subcontractor.

The lead contractor on the project is Williams Brothers Construction Inc. of Peoria Heights.

Tyler Gilmour, project manager for the company, said the man was working in a pit installing piping and climbed a permanent ladder and either slipped or fell trying to reach a tool. The incident was an accident and not related to unsafe work conditions, Gilmour added.

Even with the employees following the proper safety protocol, there's no way to predict when a sudden slip on a ladder could happen. Just because it was a "freak" accident doesn't mean that the injured employee is deprived of his rights. This injured worker should...and will...be compensated for his wages lost, medical bills, and other extra expenses that the injured worker may incur.

Eric, Randy, and Sarah have worked with injured workers time and time again to ensure that their rights are being upheld. You the worker are rightfully due compensation for the injuries you suffer while on the job...whether they be freak accidents or not.

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