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Working In This Sweltering Heat

Well, summer has arrived...as the heat index will top 100 again this weekend It's a good reminder to make sure you keep hydrated if you're working outdoors.

Landscapers, construction workers, and roofers are highly susceptible to this, and dehydration could lead to a lack of focus which could cause injury.

These jobs are dangerous enough, so let's be sure to take the necessary precautions to prevent further injuries.

If you are hurt while on the job, don't wait, and above all, do NOT trust the insurance company to side with you. They will try and undercut you...and they do NOT have your best interests in mind. They want to pay as little as possible...and we won't stand for that.

Call us, let us help you make sure you know all your rights. Eric, Randy, and Sarah are just a phone call away at 515-225-4485!

Please don't hesitate, and please don't continue working if you're injured...get the compensation you deserve!

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