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Worker Injured at Fireworks Plant

This summer, we could see some new work-related injuries that we haven't seen in Iowa in quite some time. Injuries resulting from working in tents/spots that sell fireworks.


The owner of a Pennsylvania fireworks company says one worker has suffered a potentially life-threatening injury from an explosion.

Lehighvalleylive.com reports the worker received a hand injury in the blast about 7:20 a.m. Friday. Celebration Fireworks owner John Kemps says emergency workers said the injury could be life-threatening.

Kemps tells The (Allentown) Morning Call an electric match might have malfunctioned, causing the blast. The devices are attached to each firework shell and are used to ignite them.

While this is new territory for the state of Iowa, the same rules apply...an injury at the workplace...is an injury at the workplace, regardless of the job. 

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