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This Employer Failed Their Employees Time and Time Again

Accidents can happen at the workplace at any time...any place. In workplaces where the employer is negligent though, you can almost be sure accidents will happen more frequently.

(from 570news.com)

A snack food company has been slapped with a hefty fine after a worker was injured while on the job.

Dare Foods plead guilty yesterday and was fined $67,500 after a worker was caught in a conveyor belt at their Kitchener plant.

The employee was cleaning cookie crumbs off an overhead conveyor belt back on March 1st of last year when they were pulled into what's called a "nip hazard."

The incident resulted in a bone fracture.

The Ministry of Labour's investigation also found the employee that was injured was inexperienced and had no supervision on their first day on the job.

Look at that report...wow.

The employer knew that there was an issue with this machinery due to prior accidents....the employee had not been properly trained...and the employer did not even have enough foresight to at least have someone assisting the employee on his first day. 

An accident was, unfortunately, bound to happen. 

Far too many employers and companies operate by this model unfortunately. They do as little as possible with the pure hope that nothing bad actually happens. This way of thinking is careless, irresponsible, and an insult to hard-working employees.

You, the worker, have rights. Rights that can not be taken away from you...rights that you should exercise if you suffer a workplace injury.

Eric, Randy, and Sarah are committed to fighting for you.

If you've been injured at work, the best thing to do is call Eric, Randy, or Sarah at 515-225-4485. We find that nearly all of our clients are unaware of how many rights they actually have. These laws are there to protect the employee and to ensure they are properly compensated if an accident should occur.

We will go over your rights with you, and together, we will find the proper course of action to take...and then fight vigorously for your rights. We aren't concerned with your employer being upset with us...we don't represent them in any fashion...we represent YOU.

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