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Summer Jobs Are New Territory for Many Employees

School is out...summer is here...and for many, that means they're off to a summer job. 

Even though these summer jobs can just be temporary, these hard-working individuals still need to be protected and afforded all their rights!

from timescolonist.com

WorkSafe B.C. said between 2012 and 2016, about 33,000 young workers were injured, 3,600 of them seriously. The young-worker injury rate remained at 2.2 claims per 100 workers between 2012-2015 before dropping to 2.1 in 2016. The injury rate for young male workers is at 2.7 claims per 100 workers.

In many instances, employers put these young workers at risk by putting them in positions that 1) they may not be cut out for & 2) they have not properly been trained/educated for.

When an inexperienced worker, of any age, is given a job responsibility beyond their qualifications, the threat of accident rises significantly. 

Some employers have special plans in place to cover injury, but incredibly, many do not! It is extremely important to know what your coverage is.

Employers are going to try to find the cheapest way to keep an employee, and they should NOT be able to save money at your expense. If you get injured on the job, call us, 515-225-4485, and let us help fight to get the compensation you deserve.

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