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June 2017 Archives

Employee Awarded Compensation After Suffering Life-Altering Injuries

When factoring in proper compensation for a workers' injuries, it's imperative that you look long-term at how this injury will affect that workers' life. 

Employees Critically Injured After Building Materials Fall Through Roof

When dealing with a job that involves the use of a crane...the utmost caution must be taken. Additional caution needs to be taken when it appears that the engineer hadn't received the necessary approval for the job.

Injured at DSM?

Summer is filling up fast with family vacations...many of which will involve taking a flight at some point. Next time you're on the plane waiting for take-off, take a look outside the window, and notice the hundreds of employees working in intense heat, pressure, and conditions. 

Slips and Falls Still Top the List of Workplace Injuries

Slips and falls are the #1 cause of workplace injuries, and in many instances, these falls can be prevented through proper safety measures. For whatever reason though, the employer fails to ensure their employees' safety by putting up proper safety precautions. 

Share the road safely with large trucks

The weather is quickly turning warmer, and summertime is almost in full swing. This is often the time that families take to the road for vacations. Because it is often cheaper to drive than to fly, the roads become even more packed with travelers on holiday weekends. 


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