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One Google Search Shows an Abundance of Negligence

Go to Google...type in Aberdeen Bypass...click results for "news", and see the abundance of results that immediately appear. Each result references another injury that has occurred during the construction of this bypass.

From minor to severe...more than 100 injuries have occurred, and are still happening at a pace of almost an injury a week. That is an astounding number.

We understand construction zones are dangerous areas of work, but, with all those injuries mounting, it's clear that this employer is not doing enough to protect their workers.

Are they trying and failing, or are they just hoping that the worst won't happen? Unfortunately, more and more employers opt for the latter.

Employers do enough just to skate by, or to give the appearance that they're protecting their employees, but are they really, actually protecting you? Unfortunately, that answer is no.

If you've been injured at work, it's important to know that you have rights. Rights that protect you in instances like this. Your hard work shouldn't be penalized for suffering an injury at the job site.

Let Eric, Randy, and Sarah fight for you to ensure you receive your maximum compensation. Compensation that can cover lost wages...medical expenses...and any other burdens associated with your injury.

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