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April 2017 Archives

Is That Shoulder Pain Work-Related?

A shoulder injury sustained while on the job can be caused in several ways. Whether by blunt force, strain or repetitive stress, the injury may have been noticed on the spot, after you went home or it has just gotten worse over the years and never fully healed.

Worker Injured While Prepping for NFL Draft

One step into our offices, and you'll recognize us immediately as football fans. If you're meeting with Eric, you'll be able to find a few Packer gems around his office. Of course, we're excited for this week's Draft, but our excitement was dampened when we saw the story of an employee falling from the stage they were putting together.

If You've Been Injured on the Job...Remember These 2 Things

It is every employee's right to pursue any or all benefits provided under the workers' compensation laws. If it can be proven that an employer has taken action in retaliation for the filing of a claim, the injured employee may want to consult with an attorney about filing a civil lawsuit.

You Should Not Be Held Captive by an Employer's Neglect

Blue Apron has really become a game changer in the way families are preparing dinner, but with a startup becoming so successful so soon, did they make sure to uphold the proper safety regulations.

Does your company protect you from electrical hazards?

If you work with electrical equipment or your job finds you working around power lines, you have to be vigilant. However, it is the responsibility of your employer to do everything possible to ensure your safety. Nevertheless, accidents happen and serious injuries can occur in a flash. if you believe an accident in which you were injured was not your fault, you should reach out for legal assistance as soon as possible.

One Google Search Shows an Abundance of Negligence

Go to Google...type in Aberdeen Bypass...click results for "news", and see the abundance of results that immediately appear. Each result references another injury that has occurred during the construction of this bypass.