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This is What Happens When an Employer Fails To Teach Proper Safety Precautions

Everything that could have gone wrong for this hard worker went wrong...it was a perfect storm of bad luck and employer negligence.

While he was going about his normal job tasks, he suffered a work-related injury that forever altered his life.

(from the independent.ie) 

He said he had been with a colleague and had set his ladder against a wall with bushes. While descending the ladder, he had slipped on leaves which had gone through the steps. 

The worker said that as he tried to hold on with one hand, he rotated to the side and struck his right elbow. He had felt pain and discomfort in his upper arm but had continued to work that day.

He had later attended his GP who referred him to the Kilkenny Hospital where X-rays did not reveal any fracture. He had suffered soft-tissue injuries and his life had been discommoded since the incident.

Plotka, of Sandhills, Hackestown Road, Carlow, told the court that he was now working at a different position within the company as he could not undertake heavy work anymore.

He claimed he had not been trained for this type of slippery hazard and the company safety guides did not mention what to do when confronted with foliage.

The employer has a responsibility to ensure their workers' safety at all times. Not properly training their employees to deal with hazardous situations is a severe form of neglect, and they need to be held accountable!

When determining proper compensation in a claim like this, it's very important to look both short & long-term. Of course, missed wages, medical bills, travel expenses to and from those medical appointments must all be included, but also, we need to recognize that this worker is now unable to perform his job. 

We need to determine compensation for that as well! 

If you've been injured at work, call Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485. We'll look over your claim with you and we can find the proper path to get you your full & rightful compensation. We'll examine your claim from an immediate point of view, to long-term as well. Will you be taken care of? Will your family be taken care of? 

We focus on you...and making sure you are rightfully compensated! Let us begin fighting for you!

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