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A Task She Had Done Thousands of Times Becomes Unroutine

Think about all the mundane routines tasks you do on a daily basis while at your job...tasks that you can do in your sleep...tasks that you've done so many times without incident that your employer just ends up taking your safety for granted.

(from Patch.com)

A worker in the deli department of the Homer Glen Meijer was injured by a 50-pound box of frozen chicken with a defective handle, according to a lawsuit filed in Will County court.

Jennifer Putnam is suing Tyson Foods Inc. over the alleged May 7 mishap.

According to the lawsuit, "part of (Putnam's) duties consisted of taking down boxes of (Tyson) frozen chickens for preparation."

The "boxes have handles on them to grip on both sides because of their approximately 50 lb. weight," the suit said. She reached for a box and, as she grabbed it, a "handle broke, resulting in personal injury"

Now, this sounds like an unforeseen accident, but that doesn't mean that the worker shouldn't exercise their rights. Sometimes, the "freak" accidents are the most severe and can leave hard-working employees with debilitating injuries for months and years to come.

If you've been injured while on the job, don't sit idly by and wait for your employer to look out for you...they won't. Employers hope that the situation will just go away and that you won't call someone like Eric, Randy, and Sarah. 

We'll work hard for you, to fight to ensure you get your full and rightful compensation. Call us at 515-225-4485 and let Eric, Randy, and Sarah go over your claim with you, and together we'll find the proper path to take to get you you what you deserve!

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