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December 2016 Archives

A Task She Had Done Thousands of Times Becomes Unroutine

Think about all the mundane routines tasks you do on a daily basis while at your job...tasks that you can do in your sleep...tasks that you've done so many times without incident that your employer just ends up taking your safety for granted.

Driving tips for a safe winter road trip

The winter season comes with multiple holidays that can require long-distance road trips for you to be with your family and friends. In Iowa, it also comes with poor weather and road conditions that make driving more hazardous. Even if you feel comfortable driving in snowy weather, it is smart to review these winter driving tips before embarking on your road trip so you have safe holiday travels full of good memories and not accidents and injuries.

Fines Handed Out for Workers Injured During Construction of Vikings Stadium

Last year while the new Minnesota Vikings stadium was being constructed, there were a number of accidents resulting in workers being injured, one fatally.

The different kinds of burns construction workers can receive

Workplace injuries in the construction industry are not exclusive due to just falls, machinery accidents and repetitive trauma. Injuries from burns also qualify for workers' compensation claims. Burns can lead to permanent disability and multiple surgeries to reduce scarring and improve mobility. They also can cause psychological damage from experiencing the accident and facing the resulting disfigurement, creating the need to see a mental health professional. Knowing the different types of burns can help you become aware of risks so you can prevent injury.

Fatal Crane Accident Results in the Death of Two Construction Workers

Every time we had downtown, we see that giant crane looming over the corner of 15th & Grand, and we think, wow...that's just incredible...and even more incredible about how much risk there is for the construction workers who have to man the crane...or even be in the vicinity of it.