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November 2016 Archives

Construction Worker Injured By Falling Tool

We've heard from many of our clients, and friends that work in the construction business of all the near-misses that occurs on the construction job site. These stories include escaping injury from falls off ladders and tools falling around the construction site. Not all of these are near-misses though unfortunately....

Working While Dealing With a Shoulder Injury

Shoulder and arm injuries are very debilitating regardless of how they occur. A torn rotator cuff, torn bicep, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, joint instability or muscle impingement can affect your daily routine in and out of the workplace.

Ethanol worker's death highlights need for plant safety

The state of Iowa is the nation's number one leading producer of ethanol. This fact is a source of pride for many Iowan workers. While our state is the nation's leader in renewable fuels, we should also be concerned with the safety of ethanol workers.

Why Aren't Insurance Companies Helpful?

You faithfully paid your premiums. You notified all the right parties. You may have even prepared yourself by taking the time to understand the terms of your insurance policy and how the insurance company wanted you to proceed in the case of injury.