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September 2016 Archives

Another Investigation Proves a Work-Related Accident Was Preventable

Every time we meet with a client, and hear what happened to them at work, the more we shake our heads in disbelief in how many of these accidents could have been completely avoided had the employer taken the simple, necessary steps to ensure the employee's safety.

Why is my workers' compensation claim being denied?

Workers' compensation is designed to protect workers in the event of an injury, yet all too often workers find themselves fighting for benefits after their workers' compensation claims are protested by their employers or their insurance company.

Workers' Compensation Rights for Volunteer Firefighters

In Iowa, many smaller communities rely on volunteer firefighters to protect them. Firefighting is a dangerous job, especially in residential areas. In addition to the danger posed by extreme heat and fire, volunteer firefighters are also exposed to chemicals and unstable structures. Injuries are common.