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"My Employer Says I Shouldn't File a Claim...."

We hear this "dilemma" a lot...

"My employer says I shouldn't file a workers' compensation claim...they say it's not a good idea...what do I do?"

While this might seem like a difficult choice, the answer is actually very simple....file a claim.

If you've been injured at work (or while on the job)...file a claim.

Employers will do whatever they can to try and convince you not to file a claim, and their reasononing is clear...they see an injured worker as an inconvenience, and certainly don't want to pay a "worker who's not working". 

We've dealt with employers like this time and time again. They seem to be blind to the fact that you, the worker, have rights....rights that are there to protect you in case of injury...rights that allow you seek compensation for your injuries.

We will ensure you are not missing out on any benefits. We are diligent and thorough lawyers and we account for all aspects of your life that could affect your benefit payments.

We can help you achieve what you deserve for immediate medical expenses, lost wages, lost future earnings, surgery, rehabilitation, job training, temporary disability and permanent disability, if necessary.

Unfortunately, it's a truth that your employer & insurance company won't do what's best for you...they'll do what's best for them. If you've been injured while on the job, report the injury, and then talk to Eric, Randy, and Sarah. We will sit down with you, go over your claim, and then determine the proper route to ensure you receive your full and rightful compensation.

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