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July 2016 Archives

Carnival Worker Injured While Servicing Ride

As we're less than month away from the Iowa State Fair, and with all the Central Iowa cities throwing summer festivals, there has been an increase in work-related accidents involving employees working those festivals.
A carnival worker who was injured at the Stephenson County Fair Saturday by a piece of falling equipment remained in stable condition today at Rockford Memorial Hospital, said Freeport Rural Ambulance Chief Butch Broughton.
Authorities did not release the victim's name, and representatives from the Hoffman Estates company that operates carnival rides at the fair, North American Midway Entertainment, were unavailable for comment. The incident involved an amusement ride called Speed that spins riders through the air.
"I understood that the ride came down and hit him," Broughton said. "(But) I don't know what the scene looked like."
Stephenson County Sheriff David Snyders said his deputies were dispatched at 9:13 p.m. Saturday. The injured man was taken to FHN Memorial Hospital and then to Rockford Memorial Hospital.
"They were servicing a ride," Snyders said. "(Apparently), they were adjusting the ride and a piece of the equipment hit him."

If you have been injured while on the job, or doing a job-related activity, you are eligible for workers' compensation. It's imperative that you know your company's policy, but as we have seen far too often, sometimes those polices are filled with exceptions that have been put in place to try and keep your employer from being liable.

Detasslers Hospitalized After Coming Into Contact With Herbicide

While many associate "being injured while on the job" with a fall, there are so  many other dangers that can put an employer at risk. This includes occupational injuries, which can be very real danger for workers in the workplace. 

Dealing With an Injury at Work?

A serious fracture to an arm or leg compound crush injury to a hand or foot or a severe muscle tear can result in a lifetime disability. If you suffered a fractured bone or crush injury in a workplace accident in Iowa, you are entitled to paid medical treatment provided by an approved workers' compensation doctor. You are also entitled to seek a settlement for temporary or permanent partial disability, including a possible lump sum payment.

Talk about a Freakish Work-Related Accident

We had to read this story a few times to try and figure out how something like this would even happen. The plumber was indoors and still was hit with a lightning strike? This clearly displays how an accident might happen at any work environment.

The Risk for Injury Heightens During Holiday Weekends

With this being the 4th of July weekend, we know how many of us will be enjoying firework displays. While we're all enjoyin the festivities, we must remember that there are hard-working employees in charge of setting off those displays, and those employees are at a very high-risk of being injured.


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