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Worker Survives Being Crushed By Tons of Cheese

It's absolutely astonishing that this worker didn't suffer an injuries...you have to read the story to believe it. 

Can you imagine going about your normal work day, when over a thousand tons of cheese falls on you? Again, it's incredible that the employee was literally able to walk away from the incident, however, how will he fare mentally and emotionally the next time he goes to work?

He may experience anxiety...depression...and a wariness that prevents him from doing his job properly.

Here he coudl be, months/years later, still experiencing the mental/emotional side of dealing with the injury.

If you are an injured Iowa worker suffering from diagnosed depression as a result of your workplace accident, you may be entitled to receive medical treatment and therapy, as well as a disability wage settlement, through your employer's workers' compensation insurance coverage.

Call Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485, we'll sit down with you, go over your claim with you, and then devise a plan that will ensure your rights are upheld, and that you will receive your full and rightful compensation.

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