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Another Example of an Employer Failing to Educate Their Employees

If you were doing a that you weren't 100% certain on how to do it...wouldn't you hope that the person teaching you how to do the job instructed you properly? 

All too often, we see hard-working employees suffer work-related injuries due to a failure of their employer to properly train them. 


On Feb. 4, 2014, the worker, who was an employee of Andrea Electrical Service Ltd., was working as a general labourer with another worker who was an electrical apprentice at the defendant's Mercedes Benz car dealership at 191 Wyecroft Rd. in Oakville.

They were contracted to look into the source of an electrical short problem in a rooftop heating unit; it was their second day at the worksite, the Ministry of Labour (MOL) reports.

The wires leading to the heating unit were too small so the two workers were attempting to run electrical wires through a conduit located at ceiling height. According to the MOL, both workers were using a skyjack supplied by the defendant in an area known as the sprinter bay.

The electrical apprentice attempted to leave through the sprinter bay door to unravel new wires. When the apprentice hit the button to open the sprinter bay door, the breaker switch for the door was left in the "on" position and therefore had power, the MOL states.

The door then opened by moving on its overhead rails and struck the skyjack with the young worker on it. The skyjack was knocked over by the sprinter bay door and the young worker fell, suffering serious injuries.

The MOL notes neither the defendant nor the workers themselves had locked and tagged out the electrical installation while work was being performed in the sprinter bay area. The defendant had also not alerted the workers to the hazard created when the door was opened.

An operations manager for the defendant told an MOL inspector that when their workers used the skyjack, they would disable the door if working near the door. The defendant's maintenance worker would always lock and tag out the door when using the skyjack so no one could open the door.

Court was told that the electrical services company had previously done work on the site, the MOL explains.

However, the defendant failed to acquaint the workers from Andrea Electrical Services Ltd. with the hazard of the overhead door opening when using a skyjack in the sprinter bay, which is contrary to Section 25(2)(d) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The company also failed as an employer to acquaint a worker or a person in authority over a worker with any hazard in the work, the MOL says.

When employers cut corners like that, accidents resulting in injury will occur. This was obviously an issue that needed to be addressed, yet the employer failed to respond appropriately.

Unfortunately, this cutting of corners is all too common in today's workplace.

If you're injured while on the job, be sure to get someone on your side to help you know your rights! Don't be subject to thinking your employer/insurance company is looking out for your best interests...they're not...they're only going to try to protect your expense.

Call Eric, Randy, and Sarah at 515-225-4485 and find out how much you can be compensated for your injury. We are skilled at dealing with employers & insurance companies, and will fight vigorously to get every bit of compensation owed to you!

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