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April 2016 Archives

A Pattern of Work-Related Injuries Always Causes Us to Raise Our Eyebrows

We suppose it "could" all be coincidence...but when we see injuries continue to happen in a particular workplace, we can only wonder if the employer is really putting forth their best effort to maintain a safe work environment.

Employers Think These Are Tough to Prove, But We're Here to Prove Them Wrong

Repetitive stress injuries occur frequently...think about your situation right now. Do you spend all day typing away on your keyboard...have your wrists begun cramping up? Do your eyes strain to the point where you're getting requent headaches.

So Many Work Injuries Occur Doing Normal Day-to-Day Tasks

Many people incorrectly think that workers' compensation is only for injuries that occur due to an accident of "extraordinary" circumstances. While that can be the case times, we find that most injuries occur while employees are simply going through their normal day-to-day work routine.