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January 2016 Archives

Why You Can Put Your Trust in Us

From the moment you suffer an work-related injury, there are clouds of doubt, indecision, and skepticism.
Will an attorney represent me fairly?
Should I even report the injury?
Who will look out for me and my family?
We frequently hear those questions, and we want to assure you that we at Loney & Schueller only care about you and your rights. If your employer dislikes us by the end of this process, then that probably means that we've succeeded in getting you your rightful compensation.
  • We care for our clients and provide personal service throughout the case.
  • We promptly return phone calls to address all your concerns.
  • We have years of experience directly focused in these areas.
  • Clients appreciate our aggressive, always-on-the-offense approach.
  • We get paid only when you get paid, and we take a percentage of the recovery, so you pay no upfront fees.
  • We provide free consultations, and will visit clients at home or in the hospital.

We fight for you...and never side with your employer. 

No Details Regarding an Accident Leaves Us Scratching Our Heads

(from CarthagePress.Com)
Details are almost non-existent on Tuesday, but officials with the federal government and General Dynamics Ordinance and Tactical Systems have confirmed that an employee was injured in an accident on Monday.
The Duenweg Fire Department on Tuesday confirmed it had been called to the incinerator on County Road 180 at 11:50 a.m. Monday for an accident that sent one person to the hospital.
The fire chief said it could not release any other details because of federal HIPPA regulations.
General Dynamics responded to an email request for information from The Carthage Press.
"An employee was injured at General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems' Joplin facility," wrote Laurie VanBrocklin, senior director of Communications and Marketing Services for the company. "Out of respect for the injured employee's privacy, General Dynamics is not releasing any additional information."
When contacted by phone, VanBrocklin said the Occupational Safety and Health Administration had been notified, but she couldn't say anything else about the incident.
Rhonda Burke, spokeswoman for OSHA, said the agency had been notified of an accident involving someone who was hurt, but investigators had not arrived at the incinerator as of late Tuesday to open an investigation.
We see a story like this, and we'd like to think the employer is truthful in trying to preserve the injured employee's  privacy, but far too often, we see an employer acting like this in hopes of trying to cover up the full story.
Employers will do whatever they can to try and avoid paying compensation. Too many employers see your work-related injury as a burden...they see lost wages & lost production.
This is where we at Loney & Schueller step in! We fight for you and your rights. We fight to get your rightful compensation. We'll pursue every and any avenue neccessary to ensure your granted full compensation.