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I Just Got Hurt at Work...How Can I Even Afford an Attorney?

Throughout our many years of dealing with hard-working clients, we get this question frequently:

"I've just been injured on the job...I'm missing wages already...how can I afford an attorney?"

We will not charge you a single cent for a case evaluation, and if you decide to let us help fight for your rights, we will not charge you any money upfront. We understand that by being hurt, you'll be missing out on possible wages, and having to deal with medical expenses. We advance the cost of litigation services until you receive your settlement payments.

Of course, that always leads to the question...."Well, once I get my settlement, how much are you going to take?"

Our contingency percentage is among the lowest of all the law firms in Iowa, and we don't just fill out some paperwork and send it off...we work for you.

We'll evaluate all the possible avenues we can take to get you your complete & rightful compensation.

If you handle the claim on your own, you are risking leaving a lot of money on the table. We are adamant in our mission of making sure your employer doesn't take advantage of your injury...and adamant that you get full compensation for your work-related injuries.

If you've been hurt at work...call us, 515-225-4485. Eric, Randy, and Sarah will go over your claim (remember, at NO cost to you), and from there, we can begin the road to getting you your rightful compensation settlements.

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