How Does A Work Compensation Attorney Help Me?

We hear it all too often that injured workers are frustrated with the system and want to give up. The worst thing you could do is give up because that is exactly what the insurance company wants you to do. Rather than giving up, hire an experienced workers' compensation attorney to flip the playing field. The attorneys at Loney & Schueller, LLC, flip the playing field and provide the following guidance to obtain the compensation you deserve:

  • We will fight on your side and explain the process step by step so you are not only comfortable in the process but also know exactly what is going on with your claim.
  • We will relieve the stress placed on the injured worker and their family in dealing with the insurance company adjuster, the nurse case manager and the hired gun doctors.
  • We will deal with medical providers and collection companies seeking payments for medical bills that the insurance company should have paid.
  • You will speak to your attorney, and we will answer any questions you may have.
  • We will try your case if you are not getting the money your claim deserves.

Can I Afford An Experienced Workers' Compensation Lawyer?

At the firm of Loney & Schueller, LLC, based out of West Des Moines, Iowa, we work on a contingency fee agreement, meaning we only receive payment if we recover proceeds on your behalf. If we do not get you any compensation, then you owe us nothing.

Having an experienced workers' compensation attorney will not only assist you in navigating the workers' compensation system but also enable you to obtain maximum compensation for your work injuries. Maximum compensation is your most important right and needs to be protected by the experienced attorneys at Loney & Schueller, LLC.

We Understand Your Fear

You are not the only injured person who has approached us with these questions. We have the answers at Loney & Schueller, LLC.

Let us help you rest easier by consulting with you during a free initial appointment. Call us at 888-857-9266 or reach us online.