Out-Of-State Personal Injury Claims

Travel out of state whether for business or pleasure is increasingly common. Are you prepared if you are in a car accident or you slip and fall? What are your options when you are injured out of state? The best way to obtain the compensation you deserve is to pursue a personal injury claim in Iowa.

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Why Do I Have To File Suit In Iowa?

It may be natural to ask why you can't pursue an injury claim in the state you live in. The issue is with jurisdiction. Jurisdiction deals with a court's authority to hear a case. Because states are responsible for things that take place within their borders, state courts have authority over what happens in that state.

When you are suing someone for injuring you, the court must also have authority over that person. The court gains authority over that person if they have a certain contact with the state. A court will always have personal jurisdiction over a person where he or she lives.

The person you are suing has certain rights. The person has a right to be sued in a state where he or she might expect to be sued. If the person did not cause the injury to you in your home state and does not live in your home state, you will not likely be able to sue him or her there.

What We Can Do For You

Our lawyers will work to simplify the process for you. We provide personalized service to every client. We are dedicated to maximizing compensation and protecting your rights. You can contact our firm online or call us toll free at 888-857-9266.